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Certificate in Personal Data (Privacy) Law and Direct Marketing

Certificate and Diploma Programmes

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3 Lessons;Total 7.5 hours
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English supplement with Cantonese
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The course aims at providing participants with the basic knowledge of Personal Data (Privacy) Law and its relation with direct marketing. This course is designed specifically for those who are engaged in sales and marketing and who are interested to acquire the skill and knowledge of compliance with the relevant regulations and control framework.


Programme Objectives

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize the Six Data Protection Principles and exemption;
  • Understand the offences and statutory defenses;
  • Apply broad-based knowledge and concepts of the Personal Data (Privacy) Law in the Direct Marketing;
  • Analyze the implication Personal Data (Privacy) company law and related problems in respective professional practice or in any business environment; and
  • Evaluate professional integrity and knowledge on respective liability in relation to the dealing with personal data.
Programme Content

Meaning of Personal Data and collection of Personal Data

Data users and their liabilities

Six Data Protection Principles

  • Data Collection Principle
  • Accuracy and Retention Principle
  • Data Use Principle
  • Data Security Principle
  • Openness Principle
  • Data Access and Correction Principle

Exemption from the Ordinance or the Data Protection Principles

Use of personal data in Direct Marketing

  • Personal data privacy on Internet
  • Direct Marketing and personal data privacy
  • Source of personal data in marketing
  • Meaning of “Consent”

Case studies

Further Opportunities

Anyone who is interested in Personal Data (Privacy) Law with direct marketing.

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