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Aircraft Cabin Design

Short Course

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20 Lessons;Total 60 hours (Please refer course dates to below “Programme Content”)
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English supplement with Cantonese
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Whilst transportation is the pillar of a country/city’s economy, the recent emergence of low cost carriers have resulted in the need for AIRBUS and BOEING to reconsider their aircraft design especially in the area of cabin design. Are you interested in aircraft cabin design and do you know the difference between architectural interior design and cabin design? This course enables you to become an aircraft cabin design professional.

The instructor is the founder of a local airline and worked as the airline’s CEO from 2001 to 2008. He then established an aviation training center in 2014 to train crew members.

Programme Objectives

At present AIRBUS,BOEING,BOMBARDIER,EMBRAER and Business Jet manufacturers outsource their cabin design to professional design studios.

Graduates of this course shall be able to join these design studios as TCPs (technically competent persons). Most cabin design studios make full use of the internet to communicate with, liaise and supervise their international team of designers. It is perfectly possible for any designer to sit himself/herself at home and deliver his/her design expertise. There are already several cabin design liaison studios in the HKSAR.

This course also paves the way for graduates to become an airline cabin crew member (air stewards and air stewardesses).

Programme Content

This course consists of 4 modules:-

  • Introduction to the fundamental elements of the air cabin environment.
  • Critical analysis of the structure of various aircraft types (Airbus,Boeing,Bombardier,Embraer and Business Jet).
  • Seat design, aisle and layout of passenger design.
  • Integration of airline branding and cabin design concept.
Admission Requirements

This course aims to start from the very basics. Registration is open to all. Anyone who is interested in aircraft cabin design will be welcome.

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