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Air and Land Transport Lounge Design

Short Course

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20 Lessons;Total 60 hours (Please refer course dates to below “Programme Content”)
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English supplement with Cantonese
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Air and land transportation are pillars of a country or city’s economy. With the completion of the CLK third runway and the emerging popularity of the low cost carriers, the inter-modal transportation mode in our airport and land transportation stations are facing fundamental changes in their needs. Are you interested in air and land transport lounge design? What are the differences between architectural interior design and transport lounge design? This course is a splendid opportunity for you to join the elite of transportation facility designers.

The instructor is the founder of a local airline and worked as the airline’s CEO from 2001 to 2008. He then established an aviation training center in 2014 to train crew members.

Programme Objectives

Currently the Airport Authority and the MTRC are in the process of completing large numbers of waiting lounges, VIP suites, connection hubs and shopping corridors. On the other hand, the existing transportation infrastructure is also facing the perils of wear and tear and requires refurbishment. Qualified design personnel in this area becomes very much in demand.

Students completing this course will have a good grasp of the design principles in transportation facilities as well as the ability to conduct works tender and project management. This course will focus on choice of materials, ventilation, fire protection, power supply, air conditioning and environmental protection. The core concept is to ensure the interior designer’s ability to tie in with the overall architectural building design with energy conservation and in the main, contribute to Hong Kong’s overall sustainability.

In addition, this course also includes design principles that form the basis of sports facilities which may be of special interest to students who are interested in sports facility management.

Programme Content

This course consists of 5 modules:-

  • Concept of high density traffic design and meaning of air/ land inter-modal transportation.
  • Fundamental principles in interior design.
  • In depth analysis of ventilation systems, fire protection, power supply, air conditioning and environmental protection.
  • Introduction to the tendering process and the standard forms of contract in the construction industry.
  • Develop good professional conduct in relation to cost control, disposal of waste materials and general work safety.
Admission Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements. We welcome anyone who is interested in interior design and refurbishment works.

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