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Masterclass in International Art of Pastry and Bread Making

Short Course

Course Code:
Start Date:
5 Dec 2021
Course Time:
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm (Sun)
Mode of Study & Programme Length:
12 Lessons;Total 36 hours (Please refer course dates to below “Programme Content”)
Medium of Instruction:
English supplemented with Cantonese
Tuition Fee:
HK$5,900; Early Bird Price HK$5,605
Programme Features:
  • Demonstrate basic concepts in baked goods and pastries through hands-on development and sensory analysis;
  • Illustrate classical and contemporary pastry and bakery techniques in the planning, development, execution, and evaluation of products and creative presentations; and
  • Well-equipped facilities including commercial training kitchen and restaurant.
  • The programme has been recognized by the University of Sunderland in Hong Kong(UK).
  • Participants who complete the “Masterclass in International Art of Pastry and Bread Making” and meet the course requirements will be awarded “Certificate of Completion” by COC and the University of Sunderland in Hong Kong(UK).
Programme Objectives

Apply basic food and beverage preparation to create the desired product.

Programme Content


5 Dec 2021 – 20 Mar 2022

Pastry & Dessert

  • MFP2/2021: French Pastry (1.Opera Cake)
  • MIP2/2021: Italian Pastry (1.Butterscotch Budino  2.Biscotti Regina)
  • MCD2/2021: Chinese Dessert  (1.Mooncake  2.Red Bean Paste )
  • MJP2/2021: Japanese Pastry (1.Daifuku 2.Dorayaki)
  • MAP2/2021: Australian Pastry (1.Lamington Cake 2.Pavlova)
  • MAD2/2021: Asian Dessert (1.Buah Melaka  2.Malay Steamed Layer Cake )


  • MFB2/2021: French Bakery  (1.Madeleine  2.Canele)
  • MIB2/2021: Italian Bakery (1.Focaccia  2.Genoise)
  • MCB2/2021: Chinese Bakery (1.Sweetheart Cake  2.Winter Melon Filling)
  • MGB2/2021: Germany Bakery  (1.Pumpernickel  2.Pretzel)
  • MBB2/2021: British Bakery  (1.Sticky Toffee Pudding  2.Spotted Dick)
  • MAB2/2021: Asian Bakery (1.Pineapple Tart 2.Khachapuri)
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