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Oracle Purchase Order Management for E-Business Operations

Short Course

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Start Date:
July 2022
Mode of Study & Programme Length:
4 Lessons;Total 12 hours
Medium of Instruction:
English supplement with Cantonese
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Programme Features:

Purchase orders are typically prepared from some variation of materials resources planning information output in the form of system-generated purchase requisitions. Purchase order format is generated from information supplied by properly-completed purchase requisitions. This course aims to provide learners with practical knowledge and functions available on Oracle EBS R11i / R12 against daily purchase order management.

Opportunities for Further Studies:

  • Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation Strategy for e-Business Operations
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation Strategy for e-Business Management
Programme Objectives
  • Describe types of Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order, set up item and quotation as well as souring rules;
  • Perform Purchase Requisition processing; and
  • Perform Purchase Order processing.
Programme Content

Types of purchasing documents

  • Purchase Requisition (PR) types
  • Purchase Order (PO) types
  • Purchase price set up by item
  • Purchase price set up by quotation
  • Approved supplier list
  • Sourcing rules

Purchase Requisition processing

  • Purchase Requisition creation
  • Purchase Requisition approval
  • Purchase Requisition edition

Purchase Order processing

  • Purchase Order creation
  • Purchase Oracle approval
  • Purchase Oracle edition
Further Opportunities

Anyone who is interested in digital transformation strategy.

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