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Oracle BOM and Route for E-Business Operations

Short Course

Course Code:
Start Date:
July 2022
Mode of Study & Programme Length:
5 Lessons;Total 15 hours
Medium of Instruction:
English supplement with Cantonese
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Programme Features:

Time is the main factor in gaining business. Fast responsibility can get customer trust. Moreover, both data collection and information analyst are important in business’ daily operation. Organizations need to achieve time, quality, cost and product standardization controls. Therefore, Oracle EBS R11i / R12 BOM and Route can participate in daily business and warehouse operations, including data collection, management information analysis, human resource and production scheduling. This course aims to provide learners with practical knowledge on Oracle EBS R11i / R12 BOM and Route relationship as well as daily components or jobs re-arrangement. Facilitate business the efficient utilization of human resources, equipment, and space in distribution process.

Opportunities for Further Studies:

  • Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation Strategy for e-Business Operations
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation Strategy for e-Business Management
Programme Objectives
  • Describe the standard & alternate BOM / Route handling;
  • Describe Discrete Jobs creation, BOM ISSUE and MOVE procedures; and
  • Explain the Jobs modifications, grouping and scheduling.
Programme Content

BOM item type

  • Standard, Model, Option Class, Planning, Product Family

Standard BOM

  • Quantity, inverse usage
  • Yield
  • Supply type
  • Sub-inventory and locator
  • Revision control
  • Subsitiutes component

Alternate BOM

Rollup costs

Rollup lead times

Copy Bills

Disable BOM components

Delete BOM components

Delete Groups

Indented Bills

Item whereused

Bills comparison



  • Organization setup
  • Calendars
  • Departments and Resources setup
  • Capacity changes

Simulation set

Item routings setup

Alternate routings

Routing revisions

Scheduled lead times

Discrete Jobs

  • WIP material transactions
  • Move transactions
  • Completion transactions
  • Close discrete jobs (Form /SRS)

Job/Schedule details

  • Operations and material requirements

Work order-less completions

Schedule group

Abnormal Discrete Job

Discrete workstation

Resource workbench

Job workbench

Auto Create Orders (ATO)

Further Opportunities

Anyone who is interested in digital transformation strategy.

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