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Health and Fitness Ambassador

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Class A: 14:00-18:00 (Every Friday) / Class B: 14:00-18:00 (Every Saturday)
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This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills of health, nutrition, and physical fitness in a simulated working environment. The course will cover physical fitness training, nutrition knowledge and related industry conditions, which will help expand students’ opportunities for further studies or career development. In addition, the curriculum emphasizes practical learning, which helps students to build the relative attitude and professionalism in the fitness industry.

Programme Objectives

Course Features

The course places a dual emphasis on both theory and hands-on practice associated with Health and Fitness Ambassador.  The related knowledge of the industry and the required generic skills of students with intellectual disabilities are integrated into the course framework which aims to well prepare students for their future adult life.  The course is designed in accordance with the learning abilities and the learning modes of students with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities.  To this end, the course content starts from the basics and is directly related to students’ life so as to make it easy for them to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills.  By learning through practice, students will have the opportunity to connect with the community and demonstrate what they have learned in the course; students’ generic skills associated with personal growth are enhanced.  In addition, summative assessments are designed to inform learning and teaching.  Accordingly, both instructors and students have a better understanding of the students’ learning progress and effectiveness and make appropriate adjustments to meet students’ learning needs.

Articulation Pathway

Upon completion of the course, students are able to:

  • further study for the Higher Diploma in Physical Fitness, Coaching and Sports Management; or
  • further study for physical fitness instructor or related certificate courses; or
  • study other courses at YMCA College of Careers.
Programme Content

Year 1 (Total: 120 Hours)

Module 1: Introduction of fitness industry (8 hours)

  • Career path and development of the fitness industry
  • Fitness room equipment introduction
  • Roles and responsibilities of fitness ambassadors
  • Professional Code


Module 2: Introduction of physical fitness and Sports Pyramid (64 hours)

  • Basic concepts of physical fitness
  • Introduction and practice of stress management and relaxation techniques
  • The principles of cardiorespiratory endurance training
  • Physical exercise in lifestyle
  • Stretching
  • Cardio exercise and recreational exercise
  • Muscle fitness


Module 3: Nutrition and Health (20 hours)

  • Body fat and thin combination and weight control
  • Introduction of macronutrients and micronutrients, concept of energy metabolism, principles of balanced diet, additives and artificial food
  • Training of muscle fitness and softness
  • Introduction to sports safety rules, sports injury management and physical fitness testing
  • Basic sports nutrition: sugar and fat metabolism, protein intake and powerful nutritional supplements


Module 4: Personal literacy (20 hours)

  • Self-knowledge and management
  • Thinking and emotion management
  • Work service culture and skills
  • Communication skills, interpersonal relationships and team spirit


Module 5: Industry English I (8 hours)

  • Sports equipment terms
  • Commonly used English in the industry


Year 2 (Total: 120 Hours)

Module 6: Occupational Safety and Health (4 hours)

  • The importance of working environment safety
  • Common accidents at work
  • Methods to avoid accidents


Module 7: Common Sense of First Aid (12 hours)

  • Common Sense and knowledge of First Aid
  • Adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation


Module 8: Industry English II (12 hours)

  • English usage in clubhouse reception
  • Easy conversation in the workplace


Module 9: Management of Fitness Room (12 hours)

  • Customer service skills
  • Rules for the maintenance and safe use of fitness facilities
  • Rules and regulations of fitness room
  • Emergency handling methods


Module 10: Practical in resistance training (20 hours)

  • Chest training
  • Back training
  • Shoulder training
  • Arm training
  • Leg training
  • How to design resistance training program


Module 11: Practical in cardio training (20 hours)

  • Power walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • How to design cardio program


Module 12: Basic sport training principle

  • FITT training plan (F- Frequency, I- Intensity, T-Type, T- Time)
  • Introduction to High Intensity Interval training
  • Safety rules for High Intensity Interval training
  • High Intensity Interval training design


Module 13: Job Searching Skills and Organization Visiting (20 hours)

  • Job searching and interview skills
  • Introduction to relevant regulations
  • Fitness industry organization visiting
Admission Requirements

Target Students

Mild ID

Class Arrangements

Mode 1

  • Time: Class A: 14:00-18:00 (Every Friday)/Class B: 14:00-18:00 (Every Saturday)
  • Venue: The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong – YMCA College of Careers

Mode 2

  • Details will be confirmed between the course provider and schools concerned.


  • Tel:2783 3500
  • Email:info_coc@ymca.org.hk