The College only offer credit exemption for Higher Diploma, Professional Diploma and Diploma programmes. A student may be exempted from taking a certain module(s) if the College recognises his / her qualifications as of direct relevance. The qualification should be at the appropriate level (QF level & QF credit), and of appropriate breadth (duration of the Programme, syllabus) and depth (learning outcomes of the Programme).

The student is required to complete the “Application for Credit Exemption” form with copies of previous academic transcript and a detailed syllabus for application. The application must be made to the College’s General Office before week 2 of the first term of the admission.

The application will be vetted and approved by the academic Department Head. After reviewing the key-factors (QF level, QF credit, learning outcomes, syllabus, duration of the Programme and student’s performance), Department Head will make recommendations of the followings.

  • Accept or reject the student’s credit exemption application.
  • Exemption details

The application with the original supporting documents will be sent to Registrar for final approval.

If the application is approved, the student will be exempted from taking a similar module offered by the College. Exempted credits may normally do not count in calculating the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA). An “EXE” grade will be assigned to the equivalent module(s) in student’s academic record.

A student may not be granted more than the following:

  • 2 modules in 1-year professional diploma or diploma programme;
  • 4 modules in 2-year higher diploma programme.