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Programme Objectives

Course Objective

To help English learners of lower intermediate level who have a need for workplace English: people either in, or training for, jobs in the business world, to participate in short and simple conversations in daily life and workplace by using simple and basic vocabulary, comprehension of simple questions, application of basic grammar, pronunciation techniques and inference skills, in a limited range of familiar contexts.

Programme Content

Course Content

  • Understanding and initiating social talks (including greetings, asking questions, job routines, simple social talks);
  • Describing people and things (includingshort telephone conversations, describing people, places and products, and making simple presentations); and
  • Listening and speaking for workplace situations (including making, accepting and declining offers, requests and apologies)
Further Opportunities

General Admission Criteria

  • eligible employees of HKSAR (i.e. those with no restrictions of stay including permanent residents of HKSAR and new arrivals); and
  • aged 15 or above; and
  • education attainment of sub-degree or below; and
  • any other admission requirements specified for individual courses, including job specific requirements stipulated by law or for licensing purposes

Entry Requirements

  • Form 3 or above, and pass the entry test; or
  • Holder of “Foundation Certificate in Basic English in Use III (Part-time)” of ERB, or equivalent

Course Fee

$3,250 (Normal Subsidised Fee) / $975 (Highly Subsidised Fee) / $0 (Course fee waiver)

Course Duration

60 hours (20 lessons)


19:00 – 22:00

Commencement Date

15/1/2020 – 27/3/2020 (Every Wednesday & Friday)

Application for Course fee waiver or Payment of “Highly Subsidised Fee”

Course fee waiver: Nil/low income (Monthly income of $11,000 or below)
Payment of “Highly Subsidised Fee”: Monthly income between $11,001 and $19,500