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Classical French Culinary Workshop 1 & 2

Short Course

Course Code:
Start Date:
CIG-CFC1/2023:Classical French Culinary Workshop 1: 4 Feb 2023(Sat), CIG-CFC2/2023:Classical French Culinary Workshop 2 : 25 Feb 2023(Sat)
Course Time:
2:30pm - 5:30pm
Mode of Study & Programme Length:
2 Lessons;Total 6 hours
Medium of Instruction:
Tuition Fee:
HK$560 (each workshop)
Programme Features:

France has a perfect climate and geographical location which makes it possible to locally manufacture most types of foods enjoyed anywhere else. Traditional French culture places a high priority on the enjoyment of food. The French view eating as a culture, therefore wine is considered an important part of the French meal.

The cuisine of each different region in France differs greatly. The southeast region of France uses olive oils, tomatoes and herbs in many dishes. In northern France, the food is influenced by butter, crème fraiche and apples. The southeast-central France is known for its cheese dishes, including Fondue and Raclette, while the north-eastern France has a strong German influence which includes Beer and Sauerkraut.

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